Marketing, Sponsorship and Brand Strategy

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Sponsorship Marketing offers a unique opportunity to make brand strategy come alive. Increasingly, in service based economies, consumer experience is playing a larger role in moulding brand perception, providing another avenue to create and deliver value-added customer experiences. It’s all about sincere engagement with the audience.

Research continues to show sponsorship can be used as a central driver of brand strategy when combined with other organizational resources and that perceptions of brands are linked strongly to the customers’ direct experiences.

From a brand management perspective, sponsorship provides channels to build awareness and develop image, demonstrate products and services, provide trials and ultimately build loyalty, competitive advantage and financial value, the three ultimate business goals.

With customer interaction, sponsorship provides opportunities to  create positive experiences, demonstrate  develop increased recall and recognition of the sponsor, develop image transfer and social identification from the event experience and the creation of emotional experiences that are not possible via other marketing channels. Additionally, direct benefits can be realized with employees and channel partners.

Whether for a product or service offering, for a B2B or B2C  concentration, by wisely choosing an event that has high fit with the brand, and with supporting leverage and activation activities, a sponsorship campaign builds benefits that are holistic, positive,  impactful and long lasting.

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