Medium Sized Partnerships

I read a great article in the Telegraph recently (URL below) and it hit home on a common theme, that of the big events and properties tend to draw a disproportionate amount of sponsorship dollars.

At a recent trip to a Toronto Raptors’ game, the theme was further reinforced…the game, team and venue appeared to be tripping over sponsors. It was an impressive sight, branding and activation taking over every last inch and second of the game experience, but it was very crowded. It occurred to me that there must be a chart somewhere that shows the point on the “diminishing returns curve” where the addition of one more sponsor, dollar or activation starts to return less and less to everyone involved.

On the flip side, I do a lot of volunteer work and attend a lot of “non pro” community and sports events and what strikes me is the difficulty that this level of event/property has in gaining meaningful partner with the requisite activation activity. I am aware that the activation is money and manpower intensive, however if an intimate conversation with the key audience is the goal, then perhaps spreading the wealth could be a better strategy.

Take, for example, Swiffer, the cleaning lie from P&G. At the Raptors’ game, they do a good job of sweeping the perimeter of the court during some of the breaks. I would be very interested in seeing the resulting reports on audience awareness within all of the activity in the game. I notice, because I am a sponsorship geek, but does the audience? Does the court sweep make sense, in the context of the game, when the NBA already has court sweepers for sweat?

What if Swiffer made 10 medium investments in the right communities within the GTA. While the gross numbers might be lower, the impact/fit with the key audience might actually return better numbers.

The success graph always has a few ROI/ROO metrics. Perhaps smaller and more frequent could be the answer for #2 and #3 brands trying to make an impact. It’s more time consuming has a longer time line and likely more expensive, however the results could end up driving the needed metrics

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